With the magnitude of gins that we have tasted, it will come as no surprise that there are some gins we just don’t like (check out our ratings here).

What to do with the gins that bomb in our ratings? Well, you can always make cocktails. There is a plethora of great gin cocktails that are worthy of trying out. In some cases, the type of gin adds to the cocktail’s flavour, but sometimes the function of the cocktail can be to mask the gin. It’s one way to use those 0-2 rated gins. Given all the mix options of a cocktail, you can find ways to transform the taste you don’t like into something memorable. Of course, we have our favourite cocktails that we use with our favourite gins!

Don’t know what cocktail to make? We’ve found that the best way is to either go online to the distillery’s site – they usually have a cocktail recipe section. Or, you can search the internet with the name of the gin in question and cocktail, and often you will come up with some cool recipes. There is certain to be something out there to tickle your fancy. Alternatively, you can experiment and come up with your own unique cocktail recipe.

So, if you want to get into cocktails – here are the versatile basics you need in the bar.
Liqueurs to mix in a flavour you like, like peach schnapps, orange, cassis, ouzo …
Bitters, although a bit expensive, are an important ingredient. Similar to liqueurs, they add the flavour  you want. They are easiest to buy online, and are truly the “salt and pepper” of your cocktail. You should have at least a few on hand. Dillon’s is a company that makes a great variety of bitters. Orange, ginger and elderflower are all good places to start, depending on your preferences.
– Having Vermouth in the house is a must! Vermouth and gin mix so nicely. Did you know that Vermouth is not a hard liqueur, but a fortified wine? It is the staple of a Martini.
– A variety of tonic waters is also important. Not all tonics are created equally, and going the extra mile beyond the usual tonic water is worth your effort. Fever Tree makes a variety of excellent tonics like cucumber, elderflower and many others. Check them out at your local grocery store.
Club soda? Not typically used, but it can help if your gin is very strong and you want to soften it a bit without challenging the taste.

Check out the cocktails that we’ve tried.