Weekly Gin Tasting Results

Our group tests a new gin (or two) each week. We rate the gins according to our personal tastes. We then assign an average of our scores to the gin that we have tried. We have been known to retest gins and update our score accordingly.

Gin Descriptions

A list of all the gins that we have tasted.

Quebec Gins Tasted

A list of all the Quebec Gins that we have tasted.

Favourite Gins

A list of the gins that we like best.

Gins Rated

We have rated all the gins that we have tasted.

Scoring Chart

Our not so scientific scoring method.

Gins Still to Taste

There are so many gins we have yet to taste.

Having Trouble Finding a Gin You Love?

We’re Here to Help!

Not everyone has the same taste in gins. One person may love the cardamom overtones of a gin that could be a turnoff for another person. This has certainly been the case in our gin group. We thought that it might be useful to group  gins by individual favourites, so that you can match yourself with person who has the same taste as you do.

Cocktail Hour

There is a wealth of delicious gin-based cocktail recipes available. We’ve started trying them out with the various gins we have on hand. Here are the recipes that we have enjoyed so far.

Make Your Own Gin

Making your own gin is fun and easy. Experiment with ingedients to create that perfect blend for your palette. We have some recipes and tips to get you started.

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Photo Gallery

We enjoy expressing ourselves creatively by photographing each gin we try.

The Gin Blog

We’d like to share our discoveries and experiences.