Let it beGin is a group of friends who had been enjoying weekly breakfast get-togethers for over a decade when the COVID pandemic lock-down took hold in March of 2020. Not to be denied our chat and chuckle sessions, we got creative. We had recently been talking about how Quebec-made gin was becoming a “thing”, so why not try a few and compare. The tasting sessions would take place via Zoom, and the samples would be delivered to each doorstep by the host “gin fairies” – one or two gins a week. We rated and artistically photographed each gin we tasted. We didn’t limit ourselves to only Quebec gins, because – well – there seemed to be an abundant variety of gins available. We would be remiss to not give them a try too.

Who knew that the pandemic would continue for so long. As we approached a year a taste-testing different gins each week, the group had enough information and photographs to share in a Facebook group. We tried our hand at (successfully) making our own gin infusions, and even printed a first anniversary souvenir photo book. As the group’s collective expertise grew, a plan for a website was formed.

Let it beGin is still discovering new gins (including new Quebec ones), and is pleased to share our experience with you.

Mel, Bets, Wan, Kat and Andy

* A special thank you to our original and honorary members for contributing their tastebuds and photos.